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With adaptive garments you ensure safety

Adaptive garments are necessary in healthcare. Healthcare is a broad concept, many people will immediately think of hospitals and care for the elderly. These are the two largest healthcare sectors, but care for the disabled is also one of the top 4 largest healthcare sectors. For many an unknown sector, yet 170,000 people are employed daily in this special sector of care. Disability care is different from other sectors. Whatever sector you work in, everyone will agree that adaptive garments are a necessity for the patient. This does not necessarily have to be in professional care, but adaptive garments can often also offer a solution for your family that needs care at home.

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Adaptive garments prevents undressing

People with both mental and physical disabilities may have the tendency to take off clothes at night. When a person with a disability has taken off his/her own clothes at night, panic can arise. In addition, it is sometimes very difficult to put on clothes for someone with a disability, they can defend themselves against this.
Enough reasons to purchase adaptive garments, this will prevent such situations and there will be less stress for both patient and caregiver.


Extra space for incontinence material with adaptive garments

Adaptive garments bring more comfort in case of incontinence. Some patients don’t have control and can just let everything go, including while sleeping. Incontinence material has been developed for this target group, which can be used to collect faeces. Our body’s and pajamas have an extra space for incontinence material, which makes it even more functional. As a caregiver, you no longer have to worry whether the patient will sleep through the night or not. The clothing cannot be taken off independently, this ensures a better night’s sleep for the client. A better night’s sleep ensures that the person in question is calmer during the day and reacts more calmly to certain situations.

Adaptive garment with leg zipper

The legs of someone with a physical disability can be uncontrollable, or simply painful when you have to move your legs. When the legs have to be tucked into closed trousers, this can be a very difficult task. For this reason, clothing has been developed with a zipper that extends to the feet. The legs can be laid down and the trousers can simply be folded around the legs.

As a healthcare provider, would you like to have the best for your patient? Then let him or her sleep in adaptive garments. A better night’s sleep is good for everyone.