Hip protectors

What is a hip protector?
As the word implies, it is extra protection for the hips. Hip protectors are hipsters that generally contain two protective elements. In most cases, this consists of some kind of firm foam. It does offer sufficient protection, but it also feels nice and comfortable. This is in contrast to, for example, hard plastic. When you wear these protective trousers, the blow in the event of a fall is largely absorbed. This greatly reduces the risk of a bone fracture or contusion.

How do you wear this hip protection?
The protective hipster can be worn invisible under your own clothing. You wear it over your underwear and under your regular pants. Because the pants are so discreet, you also wear them with a nice feeling when you go somewhere.

In many cases a fall takes place during the night. That is why it is highly recommended to also wear the protection at night. Due to the pleasant material and design, you will never suffer from it while sleeping.

Proven protection
About 15,000 people break a hip every year. The majority of them are over 60 and have osteoporosis, movement instability or impaired vision. A hip protector significantly reduces the risk of a fracture in the event of a fall.

Benefits of hip protection at a glance
– A reduced risk of hip fractures and bruises in a fall.
– Comfortable, practical and discreet to use under clothing.
– Doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists recommend it.
– Light and flexible material.
– Available in different sizes, from s to xxl.

Fall prevention elderly
– Do you have trouble walking? Then make sure you have a walking aid, such as a walking stick, walking frame or rollator. Also use this at night, for example when you have to go to the toilet.
– Remove all loose cables and other obstacles. Do not put a carpet or attach non-slip strips below.
– Provide good lighting on the stairs. It is also important that there is a lot of distinction between the stairs and the floor, for example through the use of color.